I have done it!  I have finished editing my friend’s novel.  It’s a good story; a really good story.  He just needs tons of help on smoothing out all the rough spots.  He gots a whole lotta rough spots.

The important part is that I have finished!  It was a much more involved task than I had thought it would be, but I can say it was well worth the effort.  By going through his book so methodically, I have taught myself a great deal about writing that will now be re-applied towards my own First Novel.

And now I’ve also exhausted one of the my main excuses for not writing the rest of my first draft, so… onwards ever onwards.


2 thoughts on “Achieved!

  1. I’ve found that editing and critiquing the work of others is the best way to improve ones own writing. With my own work, it’s easy to be too close to the situation and either miss or excuse matters that need attention. In working with others, I’ve gained experience in approaching editing objectively, which might be the most important editing skill there is. Congratulations on finishing your editing project for your friend. I hope that you’ll keep us updated on your own draft as well!

    • It was a pleasant revelation. Squeezing out Chapter 10 right now. I’d say I’m about halfway, but I don’t really know for sure yet!

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