Yay! I’m bloggin’! I’m bloggin!

Whew.  So it took me an hour or so to set up the blog here.  Usually, wordpress is much faster, but I had had an old blog with an old username and I didn’t want that one anymore.  So I had to change a lot of stuff around to come up with all of this.  Now, I’m all tired and don’t feel like writing!

I’m just going to write about whatever the hell I feel like writing about.  I’ve never studied English formally beyond the few required classes in High School and College, yet I have the gonads to call myself a writer – because I’ve read all about how to do it on the internet!

They say – the Great and Nebulous They – that to be a writer, one must write.  It’s an art and a craft and while one may possess innate abilities, they will only go so far.  To be great – The Next Great Novelist – to get to the Carnegie Hall of writing – I must practice, practice, practice.

And so it begins.


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